My full name is Charlotte Eugenié Bjurehag, names that are all a mixture of  Swedish, Russian and French. Maybe it’s because of this family history that I am a soul in constant movement, curious about everything this world has to offer.

I was born in the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden, where I lived until I was 19. I then moved across the tiny sea of Øresund to Copenhagen. Here I lived for 10 years – with a six-month interval in Paris – starting my photography career in fashion and advertising. One day in 2016 I traveled to a wedding in Mexico City, as a guest. I ended up meeting the love of my life on this trip, and three months later moved to Mexico!

I never thought I would become a full-time wedding photographer, but moving to Mexico totally changed my perspective on weddings.

The endless amounts of beautiful locations and destinations this country has to offer and the amount of work gone into weddings on all fronts is unique.

It drew me into participating in a way that combines my art and people’s special day.  


Digging deeper over time I found that the wedding industry is an exciting and unique environment all around the world, changing with the times, blending the traditions with people’s uniqueness. People want something different.

Organic, effortless, emotional and honest.


That is exactly what I will give you.