Q & A


How much do you charge?

Send me an email here https://www.charlotteandtheweddings.com/contact

filling out the questions I have prepared and I will get back to you with an estimate.

Will you travel for our wedding / session?

YES! Traveling is part of who I am.


Do we have to pay your travel and hotel expenses?


Do you have an assistant ?

Yes. I have an assistant with me always that helps me with carrying equipment and with technical stuff. He/she also photographs some of the more important moments like the ceremony.


Do you photograph both of us getting ready?

If the couple is getting ready in different locations my assistant will be with one of you and I with the other. Otherwise I´ll do my best to get a bit of both.


I / we don´t feel comfortable in front of the camera, how do you make us feel more relaxed?

First of all I am really good in knowing when to direct and when to be a fly on the wall. I am a humble and respectful person but I am not shy to talk about things as they are, thats the best weapon against uncomfortable situations I think. You will obviously have allot of nerves that special day and we will turn them in to good energy! For the couple portraits I often take a big step back and photograph from a distance where I can not hear the words of the couple. I tell them to just talk and hug and kiss or whatever they feel like as if I was not there. I always try to go for a walk with the couple away from where everything is happening to get that calm moment.

When you are there in the moment you are going to be so busy looking at your beautiful partner that you will not think of it ;)


Do you do video?

No.  I focus on what I am best at.


How many pictures will you deliver?

It depends on the size of the wedding, amount of hours, guests and so on. I focus on quality not quantity. I will give you all that is worth looking at and often allot of variations of the same situation.  For a full day wedding of 10 hours with around 250-500 guests I deliver around 600 - 1,000 images. But it can also be a wedding of 70 guest with allot of great moments and details and it can still be around 600 images or more.


How long does it take for you to deliver?

Most of the times no more than 6 weeks after the wedding. In the contract I will give you an estimated delivery date but it might be changed depending on how much work I have.


How do you deliver?

Digitally, with a link to Pixieset.



Do you make a contract?

Yes, I make a Service provider agreement with all the necessary information.


Do you make a photo album?

Yes. Follow this link 


and you will see more.

Do you do LGBTTTIQ weddings?


Do you do mixed religions or non religious weddings?