Ale and Marc said:

"Dear Charlotte,


Just wanted to say that we can't get enough of the pictures! They are UNBELIEVABLE! We are still looking through them! 


Ale and Marc "

" I’ll add to what Ale wrote — both of us are amazed at the moments you captured (throughout the night) and the quality of the pictures is just incredible.  We couldn’t be happier...really


Thanks so much Charlotte! "

Gilda and Bernardo said:


" Hi Charlotte!


Got them all now! I just wanted to reiterate truly how happy we are!

Not just with the pictures, but also with how wonderful you were to work with!

Everything was smooth, you are the sweetest, and it was a total pleasure! It’s not common to find someone with your work ethic and kind disposition.


Stay in touch!


Gilda "

Isabel and Alex said:

" Charlotte,


I’ve just had a quick look through these while I’m on my way to a workshop. I am flabbergasted. These are brilliant! 

Thank you so so so much! 


I’ll write more later but for now- received and LOVE them! 


Xxx "