My full name is Charlotte Eugenié Bjurehag. A name mixed of Swedish, Russian and French descendants. I was born 1987 in the town of Malmö in south of Sweden, where I lived until the age of 19. I moved across the tiny sea of Øresund to Copenhagen. Here I lived for 10 years, with a 6 months stay in Paris, starting my photography assistant career in fashion. For 3 of those 10 years I assisted a fashion and celebrity photographer who took me around the world, to the black beaches of New Zealand, palaces of Rajasthan, most of Italy, the jungle of Malaysia and beyond.

In 2015 I met the love of my life at a wedding in Mexico City where we lived until moving back to Sweden in 2022. Mexico will forever be my second home and i will keep on doing weddings there during winter season in Europe.

With my background in fashion and my great love for documentary photography, portraits and exploring new places and cultures, I have found weddings to be the perfect blend of all that. To make someone happy, doing what makes me happy, is to me the biggest gift!

For me to do my very best for you, means that we have to have good chemistry and trust. I will be there to guide you every step but booking me means that you understand a photographer can´t create a portrait or moment by her/him self, it takes effort from every one involved.